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Incorporated Cities

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Fort Bragg
Point Arena

Other Special Districts


Municipal Advisory Council

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Redwood Valley MAC
Laytonville MAC
Gualala MAC
Hopland MAC
Westport MAC

How To Use MENdo MApS

1. Find a location

In the map above, type in an address in the  search box, or zoom and move the map to explore a location.

2. Use the menu

Click the >> in the upper left part of the map to show the menu, click the legend tab to display districts.

3. Check out districts

Explore the map and click on a district to see a pop-up with more data.


4. Go to a district

You can also choose a specific page by using the expanding menu, click a district category and find your district.

Clicking on a specific district on the map will bring up additional information about that district item.

What are the government agencies providing services where you live?

The map below shows all the special districts, cities, and municipal advisory councils (MACs), that govern and provide services to the residents of Mendocino County and some other useful things. Punch in your address, and check out which districts cover your area — or select a type of district and see how they fit in the bigger county map.

The North Coast has the most special districts of any region in California, so it’s worth looking into.

Why we made this map

 Chances are, many of your government services are provided by a special district, from fire, to water. This site was built to provide information on how our county is managed, and what agencies your tax dollars are going towards.

We believe for people to fully engage in their democracy, easy access to information about their government is key — so that we can all have our voices heard.

What is a special district?


For many Mendocino residents, who live outside city limits, essential services such as water, fire protection, and sewers come from special districts. Forming a district is one tool available for people living in rural, unincorporated areas to develop locally-controlled services, and have input into how those services operate. You can learn more about special districts and municipal advisory councils at this link.

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